7 Things You Can Do to Freshen up Your Home for Spring


Winter is slowly fading, bringing us the welcoming signs of spring. The days are growing longer and soon we’ll start seeing the daffodils blooming, trees foliating and the return of robins. With all that going on outside, it’s time to make a few changes inside. Here are some tips for embracing the coming spring inside your home. 

1. Focus on a Focal Point

A focal point can be a permanent fixture in your home like a fireplace or a window. But you can also use something new that reflects the season like a plant or floral arrangement. Sometimes, just rearranging chairs and the sofa to create an area for conversation can help refocus attention on an area of the room that needs a little love. 

Create a center: adding furniture like a coffee table will not only help establish a focal point and establish an anchor to a room but it can also add balance to a space. 

No matter what you do, it’s important to have a place in the room that draws your eye to it. That focus allows the room to feel more cohesive and comfortable to be in. 

2. Create Symmetry 

Along the same lines as our first suggestion, creating symmetry to a room can bring visual harmony and make a space more inviting to be in. 

You might try flanking a sofa with side tables and a pair of lamps on either side, bringing a sense of balance to the room. 

You can also achieve symmetric balance with accessories like pillows. Add an even number of matching pillows (two of a kind) or two of one kind and two of another. Items placed on a mantle may also provide an opportunity for symmetry in your room.

3. Add an Area Rug

If you have floors that aren’t carpeted, then a floor rug can not only help bring balance to a room, it can reflect the season as well through color and texture. 

Make sure that the rug is large enough for the room. Visually, it helps to have all the front legs of all the chairs and sofa sitting on the rug. The rug can anchor the room and provide a focal point that we mentioned in our first tip.  It can also help establish symmetry in a room like our second tip suggests. 

4. Add Organic Elements

Bring in natural elements like a bowl of lemons or tangerines to add texture and color to a room. Accessories or found objects made of wood or organic materials will also add to the room and reflect the spring season of growth and renewal. 

5. Plants and Greenery

To that end, live plants or cut flowers add to the spirit of the season and allow you to introduce vases, pots or containers to your room for added interest or a seasonally-thematic touch.

6. Swap out Pillows

Swapping out pillows is an easy way to welcome the season. We like cotton or linen fabrics for pillows in spring colors of pastel stripes or solids. The lighter colors and textures help set the tone for the freshness of spring.  

7. Pops of Color

Like our other tips, this one fits in with the others above and is always something to think about when adding interest to a room. As mentioned before lighter colors can reflect springtime. But brightly colored accessories like bright yellow daffodils or cobalt blue glass can compliment the softer colors of spring. Springtime more than any other seasons is all about color, so embrace that energy and let it add new life to your home.