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Hi everyone! I'm Angela, owner of Angela Nolfi & Company and lover of all things interior design. I’ve been an interior designer in the Pittsburgh area for 27 years. During that time, I’ve worked on a lot of homes -- creating beautiful, functional, and comfortable designs for my clients.

So why a blog? I wanted a place to share some of my tips, tricks, inspirations, and successes with you in hopes that they’ll spark your own imagination and creativity. Whether you’re starting out in the design field or looking to make a change in your own home, we can all do with a little extra support and stimulation.

Here’s a little about me: My love of interior design came out of my fascination with art growing up. Crayons, sidewalk chalk, clay, pencils -- if I could use it to create, I did. My passion for doodling transformed as I got older into an array of eclectic works of art: a painting of an angel that resembled a bumblebee (created during my elementary school years), a clay bust of Lionel Richie, a watercolor painting of onions, just to name a few. As my love for the arts grew, I knew that this was something I had to make into a career. So I went to college and majored in Fine Arts and Interior Design.

The previously mentioned Bee-Like Angel, created by Elementary school Aged Angela

The previously mentioned Bee-Like Angel, created by Elementary school Aged Angela

And that was it, the path I was looking for. Interior design allowed me to continue creating and support my family at the same time. Immediately after graduation, I started my own business. While living abroad for a few years, I created designs for foreign governments -- making a variety of renderings, space plans, and elevations. When I returned to the United States, I started working on window treatments and residential wallpaper projects.

As my business grew, I wanted to make sure that I could provide the best customer service and pricing possible for my clients. I now have more than 200 in-house manufacturers available through my company, meaning I can confidently assist my clients in finding exactly what they need to make their house a home at the perfect price.

What’s even better is that my daughter, Alessandra, has joined me to bring her own expertise and creativity to our designs. She started with me on the retail side of my business at The Monkey’s Trunk (my previous storefront) and has now completed her degree in Interior Design. Alessandra has always been interested in design going all the way back to when she was a kid designing impeccable homes in “The Sims” world. Her unique style and flare encourages our clients to explore options they may have never considered. You can see their excitement when they discover something new that they absolutely love. And, on top of everything, it’s great having my daughter around to collaborate with!

I have so much to share with you about design, about my company, and about the do’s and don’ts I have learned throughout my career. I hope you’ll visit this page often to learn more and find your inspiration!